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Plusways Outsourcing services Established in 2009, and has been providing professional services for a wide range of commercial clients, delivering the ultimate in peace of mind and satisfying the needs of our clients.

Plusways Outsourcing provides a wide range of outsourcing services and BPO services to corporate clients in Egypt. It is our single-minded purpose and goal to provide the very highest level of protective services. We are committed to making plus ways the preferred choice for businesses and industries requiring advanced and dependable services.

Our Mission

provides high quality outsourcing services with efficient prices through talented human pool.

Our Vision

To be one of the top BPO services providers in Egypt.

Our Clients


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Cleaning services

We provide such services to all corporate and organization such as House keeping, pest control.

Security Services

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Events organizing

We can handle and organize any kind of events on behalf of you like Concerts ,ceremonies, meeting s, road shows Starting from choosing the event place till creating the invitations

Human resource services

Plus Ways provides best practices and experience in providing Human Resources Outsourcing Services

Buffet management

Providing office boys and girls to serve employees also provide the buffet row material if needed


All kinds of maintenance Such as Painting and electricity etc